Review: Pride and Prejudice

Pride and PrejudicePride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Marvelous novel. It turned as it had been advised, a wonderful work for Jan Austin to start with. From the first page and the first dialogue, I liked the way Jane composes the sentences and the sense of humor by Mr.Bennt. However, I was not totally into the book at first for which the events weren’t so much interesting. Later, as things got complex and the picture started to be clearer, I plunged into the book. Mr.Darcy fights his-self for his pride, while Mrs.Elizabeth fights her-self against her prejudice toward Mr.Darcy. They hadn’t had a good impression of each other the first time they had met. However, later, each one’s view has changed. The end of the novel is pleasant and cheerful!.

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The Lost symbol

Hello dears,

Who have read The Davnici Code or Angels and Demons or The Digital Fortress … ?. They all have a common denominator. They had been written by the wonderful writer Don Brown. For those who have read the previous novels, I think you agree with me that they’re so wonderful works. And I’m fan of  how wonderfully Don writes!. Recently, a new novel for him had been published. The Lost Symbol is the new masterpiece of Don Brown….

I’ve read it page by page. Spent the majority of my time digging in it (xD), until I finished it. What can I say about it?! except ” WOW”. Another lovely, and astonishing novel. He has this ability that makes you become as a part of it. It’s like reading and watching a movie of it at the same time except there isn’t an actual screen!!. In this regard, I want to say, though he has the same writing style in his last three novels, he is still so wonderful. Every-time he brings something new and interesting. The curiosity of analyzing the old symbols and secrets has pulled his creativity far far away…

Read it if you you’re looking for enjoyment !

My best Regards