This is my new attempt in conceptual photography. Misery, it’s a word we hear , know that it carries a negative meaning, and see some of it’s effects on random faces in this life. But do we understand how sever and and extreme is this word when it comes to inner affection?!!.  It’s an attempt of me to picture the situation where as if all catastrophes, calamities, and problems are plunging one’s soul into the depth of darkness of depression, into the depth meaning of misery where the real interpretation could be found.  It’s just how I see it this way, ” my little philosophic interpretation of misery “.  However, there is always a way out where we see the light …

“Extreme hopes are born from extreme misery.” Bertrand Russell


My Bro, still Studying, yet has Graduated !!

Hello guys !

How are you doing ?! I hope fine 🙂

Weird title, isn’t it ?!. Ok, Let me explain it. Two days ago, I woke up on the ring-tone of my phone. It was my colleague. I answered hardly and heavily xD. ” Hello Hussain. good morning,” he said. I replied the same. Then he said, ” I want to inform you that the graduation documents has been released and I just took mine”. It was like a shock to me where my face expressions became like this (:O, ReAlly!!! ) lol. I wasn’t expecting the documents to be finished before 3 weeks as they told us. So it was like a surprise to me. At that time, all what was going inside me was the excitement and the enthusiasm of finishing college. Finally, I’m seeing the fruit of 4 years of studying. So, I dressed up in a hurry and headed to the university to take my graduation document. I entered on the dean happily and asked him for my document. Unfortunately, the happiness I was in had disappeared the moment I saw my document. They wrote my name wrongly !! @_@. I told the dean about that. He told me to go fix it and then come back again so he could put the signatures and then I receive the new one. I went to check the responsible for making the documents but couldn’t find him. So, yesterday, I went again and I found him. I told him about the problem and he fixed it directly and printed the new graduation documents. I took it to the dean so he could sign it. Anyway, He signed it but I’ve still had to take another signature from the dean of registration. Someone took the documents to him and he said that he would sign them after few minutes which lasted for 4 hours !!!!. Yet, I didn’t take it ! @_@. After  long time of waiting, he came to say that I should come tomorrow which made me so angry for the procrastination. In addition to that, I was so tired and so sleepy. However, I went home disappointed  and waiting today to come xD.

It’s now 4:37 A.M. . I’m feeling so sleepy and I’m going to sleep soon so I wake up after 4 hours and go to the university to take my documents. Wish me good luck.

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering what is the relation between the title and what I wrote inside. If you’re smart you will find the answer yourself .. 😛

I mentioned that my name was wrong in the graduation document. Well, They deleted one letter which changed it to become my younger brother’s name. He is now studying in the second year of college, yet he’s graduated according to the document .. lol. It’s really funny .. I took a picture of my old document before handing it to the dean again, just for funny memories.

Wow, I’ve written so much this time .. I bet my keyboard has got bored. Ok I’m going to sleep now ..

Good luck and see ya in another funny story .. 😛