You Get Another opportunity to live!, You Must Take it Fully

Pretty interesting title, isn’t it?!. This is exactly what have happened to me today. I saw death meters away from  me. Luckily I’ve survived. This morning while I was heading to work. Driving on the high way and before 65 kilometer of my destination I made a strong accident with a truck. Yah as big as it sounds. And I wasn’t fully aware of the whole situation until I saw a vehicle for taking death bodies in the police station. It was a moment where everything had been isolated and it was just me looking at that vehicle. And I was like oh God without your big mercy today I would have been there body with no soul. I was in a disbelieve!!, ” Am I really alive, or I am died but I don’t know,” this is how I thought.And from that moment every time I remember the accident I tremble. I just want to forget.

I believe what happened to me is like an alarm or sth that tells me to wake up and pay a good attention. Not so many people get another chance to live. And I was one of the luckiest today. God gave me another chance, another opportunity and I’m fully and from the bottom of my heart thankful for that. Thanks Allah for all your mercy and kindness that I can’t count.

I wish you all a happy and safe life….


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