Review: The Last Lecture

The Last LectureThe Last Lecture by Randy Pausch
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A great book for what it has of amazing experiences and lessons that encountered a great person who has left his light in this world and passed away. Rany Pausch is a professor of computer science. He passed away in 2008 of a pancreatic cancer. He decided to write this book after he had known about his disease and he had only few months to live. He is a father of three young childern. So, he wanted to leave something for them of their father as a way to express and guide them when they grow old without a father. Randy wanted this work along with the videos he had taped as a live memory for his childern. The book is entitled with the name of a lecture called "the last lecture", that he presented in Carnegie Mellon unversity. The book is divided into 60 chapters in which Randy narrated his life experiece and the way toward achieving anyone’s dreams from his childhood untill he became a professor. It’s great book for what it has of great lessons and wisdoms.

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