A Pure Soul Born to Enligten the Globe

Hi Everyone,

Last night my sister gave a birth to a new lovely baby. It’s a boy, the first nephew. I’m feeling extraordinarily happy. And for the first time, I’ve got to go through the feelings that other men feel when their wives about to give a birth to a baby. I was out when my sister called me and asked me to take her to the hospital because she started feeling the pain of the Childbirth. I went on a hurry and took her to the hospital to the emergency section. Then, they took her to the surgery room. I was so worried and confused in the empty narrow lobby, waiting to hear something or what is happening their inside. First, they  had to make sure whether it was the time of birth or not. After a while, they told us that it was the time of birth, but there was a problem. The baby’s head is in the  opposite position … !!! and if it’s still like this then they will make a surgery. It was so scary moments, specially when I heard about the possibility of making the surgery. But thanks god after one hour and a half of waiting, a nurse came out to tell us that my sister gave a birth to a baby naturally. That was the moment of relief and joy to me . It was a new experience but good for me .. so I can be prepared in the future lol.

May Allah bless this pure soul, embrace it with his mercy and care and enlighten its way !

I gotta sleep now, because I’m tired a bit .



2 responses to “A Pure Soul Born to Enligten the Globe

  1. Dear friend, your words make me to remember the moment when i bring on this world my girl. Really what can be more nice than to have a baby…nothing in this workd it is so great like a child…I am happy u understood what does it means, before you get married.. .this means u will be a best father… all the best for u…have life full of light…as ur soul…

    • Thanks a lot dear bro for enlightening my page. You know I’m happy to have this experience. Hope I don’t forget it till I get married .. lol
      Thanks again. I appreciate your words and existence !

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