Octopus Picks Winner for World Cup

Hello everyone,

I bet you all have heard of this octopus which predicts the winner of a football match. Paul, the octopus, become famous since the UEFA where all his predictions were right except for the final match when Spain won against Germany. Meanwhile, He’s the head of football news where his popularity has increased. He is now the most famous octopus on earth I guess lol. Paul is hitting a clean record of predictions in  worldcup so far. Do you think Spain will win as the prediction came out?!!.

He is living in Germany now, but has a British origins xD.The funniest thing is that some people have threatened to kill him, because he had picked Spain over Germany and it came true. He is wanted now hahahah. I feel pity for him. The standard age for an octopus to live is 3 years. Now, He is 2 years old. Seems, the octopus won’t enjoy the rest of his life lol.

Some of you are wondering how Paul can picks the winner. Well, officials put a mussel inside of each two boxes bearing the national flags of the teams playing against each other. Paul then makes his choice by opening the lid of one of the two boxes and eating what is inside. Therefore, the winner will be the team which Paul went on its box.

Poor Paul … xD. He has nothing to do with all this except eating what the officials put for him. And though, he is threatened with death by some people because he didn’t pick their national team. How many warnings do you think he’s got so far?

Do you think he is keeping a clean record in Worldcup. If so, then Spain should be the winner … 😛

Enjoy your time guys



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