This is my first attempt to shoot a panorama. It was taken from the top of a moutain near my village at the sunset. I shot 8 captures for 4 direction. Each direction was captured in two different exposures. One for the sky. The other one for the mountain and the land below.Ā  I rendered it with HDR and used photoshop to combine the pictures.Ā  I used Nikon D80 and AF-S NIKKOR 18-135mm.

I hope you like it and there will be other captures soon.


11 responses to “PANORAMA – I

  1. Hello Kazim, very nice photo, beautiful contrast between the mountains and the city, please tell me your village name.
    Greetings from Quito-Ecuador.

    • Hello ogrijalvades
      thanks a lot for stopping by. I really appreciate your comment ^^
      the village is called ” Al-Qara,” in reference to the little mountain there .. šŸ˜›

    • Yah. Actually, beauty is around us everywhere. But we need to look around and focus. there lots of beautiful places in Saudi Arabia, in case you want to come here šŸ˜›
      Cheerz from KSA šŸ™‚

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