Funny Story!


A funny story happened to me a few days ago. I went with my cousin in a photographic trip. Actually, it was to a mountain near my town to shoot a panorama. I haven’t ever tried to shoot a panorama so that was my first attempt. Anyway, we climbed the mountain and chose the right position for shooting. When I was preparing my stuff I found out that I’d forgot a small piece that would help me to fix the camera on the stand and it was alomst the time for shooting where it was at sunset. So, I went running to bring that piece from my house and I pretty made it on time though I was so exhuasted when I arrived .. lol.  Anyway, I chose a place to shoot from far a little from my cousin. The funny thing that happened to me was: I was laying down on the ground because I’d put the stand and the camera on a low level. While I was laying down trying to direct the camera to the scene i wanted to shoot, a dog came from behind and started barking. It wanted to attack me but I stood up and chased him so he ran away. After a while, the dog came again but without making any noise so that i wouldn’t feel it but I was lucky that I turned back and found him close to me and once the dog saw me, it ran away again. However, I was worrying that it might come again so I was a little aware of it all the time .. heheheh . I’d completed the shooting process then i came back home with my cousin. This is in short of what happened. I find it very funny and interesting experience .. lol


One response to “Funny Story!

  1. hahaha thats funy:
    i was having such experince too,
    once in Abha my dad took us to far away forest,
    we brought our tea and coffe etc,it was the sunset ,no people around, and their was abig tree,i climped that tree ,and my dad was taking pic,i was acting like stupid monky who want banana on the tree was fun hahaha,
    anyway,ithought about making adventure in that forest so i was walking and looking around suddenly i saw abig walf walking acrosse my eyes i got shoked,standing without moving in my plac until it gon wawhoo then i turn back running to inform my dad ,he just told me dont go their again.The light of the sun start to desappear ,my dad was lighting afire to make checken for us. that time i was on the big tree waiting my dad to fenish i was hungree and did not notice what going around suddenly ,u wont belive that their were lotsa wolfs surrounding us from every were,OMG ,i just get douwn of the tree and scream dad dad look around ya,lotsa lighting eyes ,he was shoked and we were afread,he told us one by one start to enter the car without making any noise,we did, and he remin until one wolf came close to him but my dad rise that fire and leav the checkin for thos wolfs oooooooh i was so hungree and angree of those freky wolfs ,but lols what im happy about is that my dad lost his cam for the wolfsthat day hahah so ,no one well see my monky pic lols ,,,i will never forget that day never!!

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