A stage about to end & another one about to start !!


This is life, runs so fast that we don’t feel it. It is just a split of second in which we close our eyes and then open them to see a differnt life, a differnt time. a different people including us!.  Things change pretty quickly. If we don’t catch up the race earlier then it would be too late for us to cope with life!.  It was like yesterday when I was at school. Today, I’m at college. Not only that, I’m a graduate student. I’ve just finished the first semester and now I’m done with studying and I’ve the practical training left. For moments, after I’d got out from the exam hall, I felt relieved and started thinking in the next. This is what I’ve been doing during the previous days, months, and years!, it’s for this moment when I graduate and get a job and then move from one stage to another one. How great is that !! .  Now I should focuse on the practical training and then another story will begin!.

Wish the best of luck for everyone



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